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About Our 9'x12' Rugs

Bloom Rugs are the perfect addition for any room because of their vast nine foot by twelve foot size. This gives you 108 square feet of stain resistant material to customize your space. Bloom Rugs come in an array of colors, textures, patterns, and styles, so that you can create a cohesive look regardless of the existing décor in a room. Whether you are looking for something fun and kid-friendly or want to bring a rustic feel with Re-Jute materials, Bloom Rugs has something for everyone. Don’t hesitate - grab one today!

A 9’x12’ area rug provides the perfect opportunity to tie together and enhance a living space. This large area rug provides 9 feet of width, allowing it to comfortably fit under larger pieces of furniture while still having room for shoes or other objects. The 12 feet of length helps to stretch and open up the floor, making a small room look larger, while at the same time adding interest and defining areas within the room based on its pattern and color. Not only does this give your space an updated, organized look, but it also provides a comfortable atmosphere and can add to the overall feel of the space.

What Variety of Patterns, Colors, and Designs Exist for 9’x12’ Rugs?

Color: When selecting a 9’x12’ rug, the color is an important factor to consider, as it will take up a large portion of your floor. It's always a good idea to pull colors from the rug and incorporate them into other pieces in the room to create a more coordinated look. This can be achieved through throws, cushions, artwork, or even furniture; it’s up to you! With thoughtful consideration of the theme and color palette, you can pick a 9’x12’ rug that ties together the room’s decor.

Styles: From bohemian to modern, classic to farmhouse, choosing the perfect rug for your home can be an intimidating task. Luckily, our 9'x12' rugs offer a diverse array of styles and patterns that are sure to match your room's theme, no matter the decor. Whether you want abstract designs, geometric shapes, classic florals, bohemian flairs or something more traditional like stripes, we will have a rug that brings out the best in your space. Embrace this opportunity to bring character and life into every living area with a beautiful new addition waiting just for you.

Safety: When it comes to 9'x12' rugs, safety can be a concern. If left unchecked, these large floor coverings can easily slip and become a tripping hazard for anyone that walks nearby. Fortunately, our rug backing is specifically designed with this issue in mind. Our specialized backing is designed to cling to the ground, keeping 9'x12' rugs securely rooted in place. You and your visitors can now feel secure when walking into any room protected by one of our 9'x12" rugs!

Where Should You Place a 9’x12’ Rug?

Living Room: Make this living room rug the centerpiece of your home and create a more stylish and cohesive look for your furniture. This rug has enough surface area to accentuate various pieces of furniture, and whether it's a couch or armchair, you can be sure it will rest comfortably upon the plush surface of the rug. With this rug, you can make sure to give your furniture and room the best look possible without overpowering the rest of the design. Plus, with this added surface area and warm colors, you can be sure that your living room is looking as stylish as it possibly can!

Bedroom: 9'x12' rugs are a great choice if you're looking to soften the area around your bed. Not only do they provide a large area of cushioning for underfoot comfort, but their neutral and calming hues add a lovely backdrop for your bedroom design. Whether you choose a rug in shades of grey, cream, or brown for an easy-to-style classic look, or opt for blue or teal to create an ambience of peace and serenity, 9'x12' rugs make it simple to take your bedroom from drab to fab.

A large dining room is the perfect space for entertaining. Dining tables for eight or more provide ample seating and make it comfortable for large gatherings of friends and family, which makes choosing just the right rug all the more important. Traditional patterns, like Persian rugs, can give the room a formal atmosphere while contemporary styles, like boho and farmhouse, contribute to a more relaxed vibe. With so many options available, you are sure to find a rug that suits your exact taste and needs.

Keeping your 9’x12’ rug looking like new can be a challenge, especially if it is exposed to high-traffic areas or messy accidents. That's why we created our carpets for maximum convenience and worry-free enjoyment. Our rugs are both stain-resistant and machine-washable, making them the perfect choice for any home with kids or clumsy pet owners. Not only do they look great in any room, but they're also surprisingly easy to clean - so you can keep your 9'x12' rug looking good as new no matter what life throws at you!

What Size is a 9’x12’ Rug?

A 9’x12’ rug is an excellent way to complement the design of any living room. Not only does it add a beautiful and unique appeal to the home, but its generous size also has a practical purpose. By measuring 9 feet wide and 12 feet long, this large area rug can make your room look bigger than it actually is and bring everything together by having all furniture placed on top of it. Featuring luxurious comfort beneath your feet as well as a perfect sense of style to accentuate your decor, this rug will be a welcome addition to any household.

Can 9’x12’ Rugs be Returned?

In today's ever-evolving marketplace, finding the right rug can be tough. That’s why we strive to ensure every purchase is exactly what you were hoping for. Every 9'x12' rug in our collection comes with a 30 day guarantee so that you can make sure it fits your space and matches the rest of your décor. Rest assured that if you're not completely enamored with your choice, you have the option to return or exchange, absolutely no questions asked! Our goal is to make sure everyone is satisfied and confident with their purchase, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any concerns.

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