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About Our Washable Rugs and Washable Runners

With Bloom Rugs, you can add a chic touch of style to any room without worrying about ruining it! Our washable rugs are made with an innovative material that is both stain-resistant and machine-washable. This makes them the perfect choice for homes with kids or pets, who may cause some unexpected mess now and then. Without ever having to worry about spoiling the decor, you can rely on Bloom Rugs washable rugs to always look stylish and pristine.

How Our Washable Rugs Work

When your washable rug needs to be cleaned, place it in the washing machine.

How to Shop for Washable Rugs at Bloom Rugs

Shopping for a washable rug can be quite the adventure - size must fit best, style and pattern should coordinate with your current decor, and of course color should reflect the desired look in the space where it will ultimately be placed. To ensure you find the perfect washable rug, all of these considerations must come into play during the process. If you take each of these factors into consideration when shopping for your washable rug, you are sure to find something that fits your decor perfectly!

Washable Rugs by Size

When selecting a washable rug for your home, choosing the right size is essential for achieving the best results. Having a washable rug that fits your space perfectly not only makes your room look great but also looks comfortable and inviting. Remember to think beyond the feet of furniture and take into account any walks around or in-between spaces that could potentially benefit from the addition of an washable area rug. Think carefully about how much of your space you want to fill before committing to a washable rug.

Washable Rugs for Living Room

Large living rooms are not complete without an 8x10 washable rug - the larger size is ideal for comfortable borders. However, if your room is on the smaller side, you can easily get away with a 6x9 washable rug or even a 5x7 washable rug. A 6x9 washable rug will fit perfectly under a sofa, coffee table and additional seating while a 5x7 washable rug is just enough to cover an area under a sofa and coffee table.

Washable Rugs for Dining Room

Taking both size and shape into account when shopping for a dining room washable rug will ensure you find the best option for your dining area.

Washable Rugs for Bedrooms

To make sure bedroom washable rugs look their best, they should be placed under the bed and leave enough of a border around the furniture in order for you to walk on. When considering what sized rug to put in a bedroom that has a king bed, choosing a 9x12 washable rug will work well. For bedrooms with queen and full beds, an 8x10 or 6x9 washable rug would be best suited.

Washable Rugs for Kitchen

Small kitchen spaces benefit from 3x5 washable rugs or 5x washable rugs that can be placed near the stove, sink, or counters. Under the kitchen table is an ideal spot for one of these rugs, as they fit well in small nooks and crannies without overwhelming the room. When selecting kitchen mats and rugs, it's best to avoid oversized 6x9 washable rugs, 8x10 washable rugs, or washable runners which are more suitable for larger kitchens with open galley-style layouts.

Washable Rugs by Color

Blue Washable Rugs and Green Washable Rugs

Blue and green washable rugs offer a wide range of colors to fit any interior space. From the blue-tinted turquoise of the ocean waves to emerald green hues from soaring pine trees, blue and green washable rugs take natural beauty off the ground and bring it inside. Teal and navy evoke tranquil seaside nostalgia with a modern touch, while brighter tones can give a room extra light and airy vibes. Our blue and green washable rugs are finished with high-quality materials to ensure both lasting comfort and an elegant look sure to accentuate your home's decor.

White Washable Rugs and Cream Washable Rugs

White and cream washable rugs create a simple and modern look that is timelessly stylish. They lend themselves to any unique interior style, from contemporary and traditional to eclectic, by providing a base for other colors that are complimentary to the ageless hues.

Natural- and neutral-colored washable rugs are always a timeless design option because their subtle tones fit perfectly with any style.