Bloom Rugs

Hi! This Is Our Story:

  • We wanted to create rugs that combined beautiful craftsmanship, affordability and social responsibility.
  • So we founded Bloom Rugs with the mission of creating incredibly stylish yet sustainable floor coverings for everyone!
  • We use state-of-the art technology so you can enjoy luxurious handmade designs at amazing prices without sacrificing ethical manufacturing or quality.
Bloom Rugs

Our Mission

  • Our mission has been to dream up and execute a custom made, ethically-constructed supply chain!
  • We've done just that - partnering with some of the most talented artists out there while making sure everyone is getting fair wages, utilizing sustainable materials and practices. 
Bloom Rugs

Our Rugs: Affordable, High-Quality, and Stylish

  • We are a passionate crew, devoted to helping you take the style of your space up several notches!
  • Our amazing rugs come straight from our talented artists in New York and Istanbul. Let us help you craft an interior design look that will have others marveling at how wonderfully transformed your home is - deliciously cozy with just the right wow factor for each unique room!